How Pamela Grow Changed My Life

Pamela Grow

Pamela Grow

So, about a year ago I took a class on writing stories for a nonprofit newsletter. It was being hosted by someone who’s blog I followed religiously–Pamela Grow. She had a program called Simple Development Systems and was offering this online class to help folks like me learn how to be better at what we do.

I learned a lot from the class and enjoyed getting to know Pamela and meet some other nonprofit donor communication gurus in the process.

I had no idea this class would change the course of my life. Seriously. All it took was a leap of faith.

During one of the online discussions, I shared a copy of the newsletter I write for Nashville Rescue Mission. I remember Pamela asking me about performance and response rate. I had no idea how others were performing, so when I shared the information, I was blown away by her response.

Apparently, we were doing pretty darn good with our newsletter. I had no idea so many nonprofits had given up hope on donor newsletters because they weren’t seeing results. Pamela was shocked. I’ll never forget her telling me, “Michelle, you don’t need to be taking this class, you need to be teaching this class.”

Wow, what a compliment. From someone I admire. From someone who has an incredible blog and I’ve learned so much from.

From that day forward, Pamela has sown seeds into my life that have opened doors I never imagined opening.

She introduced me to several other people I follow and greatly admire. At the top of that list… the one and only Tom Ahern. If you don’t know Tom… then you can’t even call yourself a nonprofit writer. He is the end-all, be-all in my book. I owe the success of this newsletter and my own personal success as a nonprofit writer, to the insight and information Tom shares through his books, blog and emails.

I’ll never forget the first conversation I had with Tom… when he asked me how I was able to see such amazing response rates with our newsletter, all I could say was, “Well, Tom, I’ve got two of your books on my desk. I read them. I applied what you told me.”

As he laughed and I’m sure smiled, I was humbled by his request to include our newsletter in his upcoming book.

— to be continued —