The Power of Story

Can you remember┬álearning how to read? I don’t. But I can imagine what it must have been like. My son Jadon just started kindergarten a few weeks ago. He knew his letters and how to count and how to write his name, but in the last two weeks, my son has exploded in terms of acquiring new skills, like reading.

Last night, he brought home a book they had made in class. He had written his name at the bottom where it said “read and colored by.” He had proudly colored each page. As he took this very small, but beautiful book in his hands, his eyes lit up with wonder and he started reading the words on the pages.

This proud momma was transported back in time… a time when I couldn’t wait to read a book. When I would hide books under my pillow, with a flashlight, so I could read after everyone went to bed.

I honestly believe it was through my love of reading, I was able to learn, to write, to speak, to communicate… to live.

I’m so grateful I grew up in a home where a love for books and reading and learning was cherished and instilled from the earliest of days. It is a legacy I hope to give to my son.

There is power in a story. Whether it’s your own story or someone else’s story… the value comes in the “telling.” Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it.

You never know who needs to hear what you have to say. It has the power to change.